Never Open the message from WhatsApp


New York: According to the experts, WhatsApp users are warned to be safe by the extremely dangerous virus these days which can damage your software as well as can steal your private data. According to the newspaper ”Daily-star” a security company ”Comodolabs” said that this virus is sent through an e-mail and it looks like the official message from WhatsApp ...

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YouTube Launched Localized Version in Pakistan


Islamabad: YouTube launched local version for Pakistan Nepal and Sri Lanka. It will work with the expectations of the people over here and they will be able to enjoy HD videos of their choice. Along with this, they can enjoy their cultural songs and other videos across the world and would learn a lot about the other cultures as well. ...

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Social Media is Creating a Political Divide in Pakistan or Not?


Social Media has become a basic need for every one now a days. Every person likes to be on social media either he is a politician or a normal person. Social media is helping people a lot in different terms. Besides all the pros of these Social medias, some negative effects are also present. Besides social and economic aspect, social ...

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VTime the New Social Media Website


London: A brand new social media is being introduced which is named as VTime and is based on the virtual world in which you can enter your Avatar in 3D world and can chat with the friend you have. A smart head set is needed for all this and this head set can also be made by your smart phone ...

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WhatsApp users Should Know These Tricks


Lahore: If you are using WhatsApp then it is necessary for you to know about these things. There are some tricks for whatsapp users which would be very useful for the users. These tricks are so simple and easily to learn. Whatsapp users are now up-to 900 Millions. These are the simple tricks for whatsapp users, To save the memory ...

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Microsoft Warned to the Users of Windows 7


New York: Microsoft has given the advise to its users to replace windows 7 with windows 10. IF u have not upgraded your windows till now, then this the best time to replace this with windows 10 because this is the last chance from Microsoft. Second chance will not be provided to the users of windows 7. Microsoft has said ...

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A New Step After 3G/4G in Pakistan


Islamabad: Government of Pakistan has conducted auction spectrum, two years ago which was really good and increased the number of users unbelievably. With the help of that new Spectrum, broadband users increased from 3% to 15%. By observing the success of this trend, Government of Pakistan decided to conduct the Auction of remaining spectrum of that type. Prime Minister of ...

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Google is Launching a New Messenger App


Google is well known to everyone one and now google is going to launch a brand new messenger app . Google is making this App with the contribution of Alphabet Inc . The Wall Street Journal said that this App will better to compete with the App offered by Facebook Inc . This App will have all the Qualities including ...

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Now Socks will Control your TV


New York: If you slept while watching TV in bedroom and don’t know about the end point of the program you were watching , then don’t worry now American Company has found the solution of this . American Company Net Flex have made the socks which have the capability to control TV Drama or Show when you sleep . According ...

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What’s App is banned in Brazil for next two days


What’s App is banned in Brazil for next two days: South Paulo: Due to security reasons from previous some months, British and other Europe countries have banned What’sApp for next Two days . So there will be no What’sApp for next 48 hours. 90 corers people use What’sApp in the world , however 90 million people use in Brazil.  

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