Millions hit by computer virus

Virus Detected

Millions hit by computer virus:  Worldwide systems were buckling after the ‘Sobig.F’ spread to 134 countries in just 96 hours, generating tens of millions of e-mails. Experts fear it could increase the volume of electronic traffic by a staggering 60per cent, slowing the internet to a crawl. It is believed to have cost British businesses alone hundreds of millions in ...

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New computer virus causes havoc


New computer virus causes havoc: A powerful new computer virus was today causing havoc with e-mail systems across the world. Experts described the virus, called Goner, as one of the fastest-spreading they had yet seen and warned computer users to immediately delete it if they received it. Alex Shipp, spokesman for anti-virus service MessageLabs, said: “It’s spreading with tremendous speed ...

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Top Ten Most Destructive Computer Viruses


Top Ten Most-Destructive Computer Viruses:                           Computer viruses have come a long way from the early days of personal computers, when teenage hackers competed for bragging rights, creating malware designed for mischief or random mayhem. Now, the hackers have gone professional, and their ambitions have grown; rather than ...

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Dazzling new airplane patent offers seats on top of aircraft


Dazzling new airplane patent offers seats on top of aircraft: As the technology is developing, new things are happening which are unbelievable. One of them is the innovation in airplane. Now the passengers can enjoy the journey in the sky and can see the clouds nearly because a U.S aerospace technology company Windspeed has designed seats on the top of the ...

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Orange train project will be completed in 2 years


LAHORE:  Orange Train project will be completed in two years. Chinese Premiere Li Keqiang said on Tuesday that the Lahore Orange Line Train project was a gift from the Chinese government and people to Pakistan. He was talking to Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif at a ceremony in Zhengzhou on Tuesday. “China will continue to extend its full cooperation to Pakistan in ...

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Li-Fi is 100x Faster than Wi-Fi, New Generaion Coming Soon


Li-Fi is 100x Faster than Wi-Fi Coming Soon: New generation is going to much more faster than today’s one. Many new technologies will replace todays good technologies. Li-Fi is one of them. Li-Fi is going to be the most faster wireless communication than any wifi. Who actually knew that Wi-Fi will actually be replaced by something that is, in fact, ...

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Social Media Might Soon Need a License to Operate in Pakistan


Social Media Might Soon Need a License to Operate in Pakistan: As social media has become the basic need for everyone in Pakistan, So new policy has been made by PTA. According to revised Telecom Policy 2015, that has been approved by ECC, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has been mandated to revise licensing framework for telecommunication services in the country to particularly include selected OTT ...

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