From Yousaf Yohanna to Muhammad Yousaf

Muhammad Yousaf is the legend test Cricketer for Pakistan. He scored back to back centuries against one of the top countries in the world. He is a soft hearted person. He revealed his story about how he became a Muslim and how he travelled from Yousaf Yohanna to Muhammad Yousaf.

He says,’’ We use to live in Railway Colony Garhi Shahi Lahore. There were the houses of my peoples who had my religion but most of the houses were of Muslims. I mostly spend my time with muslim friends and also play cricket with them. There was no difference between Muslims and people of my religion. All were equal and looks the same. When I was in FC College, I met with a boy Javed Anwar who was the brother of Legend Cricketer Saeed Anwar. He was the coolest person I have ever met with. I often go to their home and meet with the cricketers of that time there.Muhammad-Yousuf

Saeed Anwar was in the National team since 1889 and I came in the team after 9 years in 1998. Saeed Bhai was a religious person and often took religious classes. In start Saeed Anwar avoided religious classes but after some time he stretched towards Islam and worked for himself. He became totally religious after the death of her daughter.  Saeed Anwar always said to me that I should pray every day before going for asleep that ‘’God show me the way of righteousness ‘’. He never said to me that you should become Muslim as well.

I always used to say this prayer before I go to bed. I closely observed the changes which came in Saeed Anwar. I slept on night as usual by saying that prayer and saw that my closest friend Waqar came to my dream and said ‘’I have heard that you have become a Muslim’’ I did not reply to him.  After that I became a Muslim and changed my name from Yousaf Yohanna to Muhammad Yousaf’’.

This is the story of our legend cricketer who became Muslim and came to the way of God. May God give this chance to everyone to themselves as a good Muslim.

Thousands of people accepts Islam everyday in the world and come to the right way. God is so merciful and have a open heart who accepts all the people from everywhere.  In fact HE just need that you should realize that you are here for some purpose and you have some work to do here for God.


God has made all these things here in this world and also made Heaven. Heaven is made for those who live their lives according to the teachings of Islam. Nothing is so important in life than God and everyone should live according to the teachings of God. God is giving us all the things that we need to live. There are days and nights, air, water, birds, trees and all things which can be seen are made up by God. So we should think about or lifestyle and live it right way.

Prophet Muhammad was the last messenger of God and He spend all of his life in the service of Islam. Infact, Muhammad(PBUH) was the loving person of God and we should follow the rules of Him to become successful in both lives.