How to Customize FB Profile Pic in Pakistan Support

How to Customize FB Profile Pic in Pakistan Support:

Facebook is helping people all over the world who wants to support their team in the World cup t20 2016. Every one is changing their profile pictures simply by overlapping the flag of their country in support. Profile picture overlay. Picture overlay app. Profile overlays.facebook overlay tool. Pprofile overlay for facebook. Picture overlay app android. Picture overlay online. Picture overlay app for iphone.

How to Use Game Face to Customise Facebook Profile Picture to Support Pakistan Cricket Team in World Cup T20 2016?

Step 1: After logging into your Facebook account, move to the

Facebook Game Face page 

Step 2: Now there will appear a list in the terms of pics and you can simply choose the option of ICC World Twenty20.

Step 3: Then there will be a list of Cricket teams and choose the team you want to support.

pakistan support

Step 4: Then there will be an option of Switch to previous profile picture in 1 hour, 1 Day, 1 Week or Never. Choose the option you want.

You can also select any other profile pic rather than the active one by change profile picture option. World Cup t20 2016 Start from 8 March and end on 3rd of April 2016.

Every Country’s Team who is supporting their team in World cup t20 2016 has issued the picture in support of their team. PCB has also issued a picture in support of their team and every Pakistani is having it on his wall and making it the profile picture of his timeline.

Pakistan supporter

Pakistani Team is also Participating in the world cup t20 2016 and i am the supporter of Pakistan.I have my country Pakistan and i’m supporting it as well and changed my profile picture in the support of Pakistan cricket team in world cup t20 2016. Pakistan Zindabad, Pakistan paindabad. Every Pakistani has the hope that team would perform well in the tournament and they will definitely do well. But every one knows that

” Tum Jeeto Ya Haaro,hamen tum sy pyaar hai”


Facebook is helping people out by simply clicking on the app link and customize their profile picture. Support Pakistan in this campaign and make Pakistan proud. Facebook providing so much comfort to its users that every one can support the team they want.

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