Huawei Decreased the Price of Their Best Smart phones


Huawei has made his name as a joint technology and smart phone brand in the consumer market of the world. According to the latest research, Huawei remained on the top in smart phone brand in the world and Pakistani Market has supported a lot in the selling of new smart phone. Huawei Mate S came in the market in 2015 and made its name in market very soon.

Huawei always makes the brands with the demand of the users and they have proved this by giving us so much latest technology phones. Huawei took a great step by observing the users point and decreased the price of their latest most selling smart phones to a great extent. This step from Huawei became so wonderful for the other smart phone companies who never compromise on their prices and service of the users.

Huawei has noticed the point of the users and decreased the price of the latest smart phone.

  • Huawei Mate S will be available in the market at the price of 58499 instead of 67999 with the decrease of 9500.
  • Huawei also decreased the price of 6 more smart phones. Huawei Mate 7 will be available at the price 4999 instead of 57000 with the decrease of 7001 rupees.
  • Huawei Y series also decreased their prices , Y5 and Y3 will be available in 9499 and 7899 respectively.
  • Most successful phone of this series Y6 will be available in 13999 instead of 14899.
  • G8 will be available in 38999 will the decrease of 2000.

Huawei always surprises the consumers with respect to their rates , features and much more . Hope Huawei will get the 2nd brand position in the market by 2018.