iphone 7

I Phone 7 is Introducing Excellent Features

New York:

I Phone is introducing some different type of features in the latest model I PHONE 7 which are so wonderful.

According to the England Newspaper ”The Mirror” report, new model will have the feature of Wireless charging and new technology is introduced due to which both the callers will listen clear voice during their call and no noise will disturb them.

All the ports including charging, audio and others have replaced with a single lightening port with the help of which, all the things will connect. This model will be much better than the previous ones in the market due to these new features.


According to the news, I phone will finish the 3.5mm audio jeck in new model I PHONE 7 and I PHONE 7 plus. I Phone users will be restricted to use only Apple headphones due to this feature because lightening port will not support any other headset with different company.