Ishana Truth Exposed in Star Plus Ishqbaaz

Ishana Truth Exposed in Star Plus Ishqbaaz:

Post break up with Omkara, Riddhima to get suspicious of Mala aka Ishana
The popular Star Plus show Ishqbaaz is coming up with some amazing twists that will keep the viewers and fans of Ishqbaaz on toes.

sTAR pLUS Ishqbaaz has maintained the pace and uniqueness of its story line and hence more and more viewers are getting pulled towards Ishqbaaz.

As known Ishqbaaaz is story of three Oberoi brothers Shivaay , Omkara , Rudra (Leenesh Mattoo) and their love lives. Omkara is paired up with Ishana in Ishqbaaz. However, currently Ishana  is seen as con girl and wants to makes Omkara  Oberoi fall in love with her to get his money. Ishana is in financial trouble and hence wants to save her family at any cost. Ishana is genuine by heart but is currently in difficult situation and hence is trapping Omkara.

Omkara, on the other hand, is very sensitive, artistic and emotional guy. Omkara hates lies and lairs. Riddhima is Omkara’s girlfriend and tries to show around as Social Worker but in reality Riddhima only wants media attention. Ishana decides to break Riddhima from Omkara and meets Riddhima as Mala while Ishana meets Omkara (Kunal Jaisingh)  as Bela.

Being Mala and Bela Ishana tries to create trouble in Omkara (Kunal Jaisingh) and Riddhima’s relationship. In the latest episode of Ishqbaaz, Oberoi family celebrated Rakshabandhan in which Ishana was seen instigating Riddhima against Omkara over Bela.

Riddhima and Omkara  (Kunal Jaisingh) develop trust issues and end up having major argument. Eventually Om and Riddhima will be seen breaking up their relationship which will make Ishana very happy.

Some How, Riddhima will start doubting Ishana  (Vrushika Mehta) aka Mala’s intentions and will try to investigate about Ishana. Riddhima will even confront Ishana about Omkara Oberoi and her doubts.

Let’s see if Riddhima comes to know Ishana’s  (Vrushika Mehta) real identity and reason of creating rift in Riddhima and Omkara Oberoi .

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