Learn about the Mindblowing Twist in Swaragini

Learn about the Mindblowing Twist in Swaragini:

In the upcoming episodes it can be seen that Sumi hears her baby son calling her and runs behind a voice even after injuring her leg.

Swara and Ragini are all out of home running on streets to find Sumi.

Shobha is happy to see Sumi in this state all stressed up and mad after baby.

Sumi finds her baby on the steps of temple and takes him and embrases him.

Meanwhile Shobha is seen following the nurse and Swara say that she has also seen Shobha with the nurse.

What will be Shobha’s fate after seperating a child from his mother?

In the upcoming episodes it will be seen that Shobha is been caught talking to someone on phone regarding baby.

Shekhar catches Shobha redhanded over a conversation.

Shobha makes some excuse and goes away.

Later Shobha will be seen killed by Sumi.

Will it be Shobha’s wild dream of being killed after seperating a mother and a child?

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