Learn about the Upcoming Twist in Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbtein

Learn about the Upcoming Twist in Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbtein:

Ishita gets sentimental seeing his office and couldn’t understand file fundas. She tells Raman how she could handle work in short time. Raman explains business tips to Ishita. Ishita tells Raman about the business deal, they can’t quote less. Raman asks her to convince the clients by her strong lectures she uses around. Ishita gets nervous and thinks they will lose the contract.

Raman says you can do it and motivates her. They support each other always and have a cute fight. Ishita leaves for the important meeting and takes blessings of all elders. Everyone bless Ishita to do well. Raman and Ishita prove they are a perfect couple.
Pihu calls Shagun school for taking part in cooking competition but Raman gets angry seeing her

In the upcoming episode, Raman takes Pihu to school where he gets to know that he will have to participate in cooking competition being Pihu’s father.
Raman gets tensed and thinks that he must not have exchanged his duties with Ishita now how will he win this competition.

Meanwhile Pihu calls Shagun and ask her to come to her school take part in cooking competition.
So she comes, Pihu happily hugs Shagun then Raman gets angry to see Shagun.
Raman assures Pihu that he will take part in cooking competition
Raman insults and scolds Shagun for meeting Pihu and ask her to leave.
Pihu gets upset so he makes Pihu understand that he will participate in the kitchen competition.

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