Mobilink is Launching At Least Four 3G Phones with Under Rs. 8,000 Price

Mobilink is Launching At Least Four 3G Phones with Under Rs. 8,000 Price:

Mobilink is the largest mobile network in Pakistan and it is progressing day by day due to its fabulous service . Now as the technology is on its way to sky, Mobilink is also participating in it .

Mobilink is all set to launch its own phones in Pakistan with ultra-low prices and superior price-range specs, we have heard from people who are aware of the development.

 While we don’t have a confirmation, it is expected that phones will be launched with-in next few days.

Billed as Jazz X — as hinted by some of the official tweets — these low-end but well built Android phones are going to be priced under Rs. 8,000.

While we don’t have complete details on the specs for the phones so far, we can confirm that there is at least one smartphone with 1GB of RAM and 8GB ROM. It will run on Android 4.4 with 1.2GHz dual core processor. It will come with 2,000mAh battery to take care of extensive non-stop usage.

There is also going to be a 3G enabled feature phone in the lot as well and we assume that it will be priced around Rs. 3,000.

Mobilink is likely to offer attractive 3G bundles — hopefully free of charge — with these phones, and that is going to be the main-selling pitch for these low-end devices.

You can expect more details on Mobilink X phones with-in few days. So keep in touch with us , Thanks

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