OMG: Mindblowing Twist to come In Swaragini

OMG: Mindblowing Twist to come In Swaragini:

In the upcoming episode there will be high intensed drama as Swara and Ragini both are going to hide things from each other.

Ragini and Swara are best of friends and don’t tend to hide things usually.

However, the fact that Ragini has killed Parineeta is being putting Ragini in tention.

Swara suspects that Ragini is going through a bad phase but does not know the actual content.

Ragini tends to hide the facts from Swara too thinking that she will also treat her as culprit.

Ragini in the meantime is seen receiving pictures from blackmailer.

Blackmailer is seen clicking pictures of Ragini at varoius locations.

This situation makes Ragini go in immence dramatic trouble as she is totally clueless as to whom to go to for seeking help.

Swara finds pictures hidden by Ragini given by blackmailer

In the upcoming episode Ragini will be seen in huge trouble as the Parineeta missing case is been handled by Swara.

Swara later on is seen inquiring Ragini and finds out the pictures given by kidnapper.

How will Ragini explain Swara that she is not the killer and the whole episode was an incident?

Will Swara trust Ragini even after seeing Ragini’s past faulty record?

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