Real Culprit Revealed behind Ragini’s kidnappin in Swaragini

Real Culprit Revealed behind Ragini’s kidnappin in Swaragini:

As Ragini  ( Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) was plotting against swara to prove her characterless in front of maheshwari family.
Ragini  tried hard to show the show that Swara is dating two mens at a time. Becoz Before the kidnapping sequence Swara (Helly Shah) slapped Ragini and had a huge argument with her , even the whole maheshwari family is blaming Swara for this  and questioning her.
According to a report of trusted Newsportal, in the forthcoming episodes, the Maheshwari family will be stunned to find Ragini returning home. While narrating the incident, she would mention a girl in red shawl, who supposedly kidnapped her (ragini) .
Later on , Ragini would find the same shawl in Swara’s (Helly Shah) cupboard.
In the meantime, the buzz is that not Swara, but Uttarawould kidnap Ragini.
It now remains to be seen if Uttara  (Khyati Mangla)  kidnapped Ragini to punish her for ruining Swara’s image or is there another reason for the abduction.
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