shab e meraj night of journey

Shab E Meraj Nawafil And Prayers

Shab E Meraj Nawafil And Prayers:

Shab e Meraj Namaz and prayers are performed which are called Nawafil basically. Shab e Meraj has particular type of Nawafil and prayers which are performed till late night on 27th Rajab. These Nawafils or Nafal are performed with the farz prayers.

What is the Purpose?

This night is very sacred and Holy of the Muslims and all the muslims offer nafal prayers in this night and get the reward from Allah.

Why Shab E Meraj is So Special?

Shab e Meraj is very special night for the muslim of the world because Allah Almighty took took Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) from Kaaba to Bait-al-Maqdas then to Arsh e Pak, Sidrat-ul-Muntaha and Heaven. In this journey Allah Almighty gave Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) a precious gift in the form of Five Prayers in a day.

Shab E Meraj Nawafil And Prayers

Shab e Meraj comes of 27th Rajab the seventh Islamic month and distributes all its blessings in the muslims of the world. Muslims performed many different type of prayers in this night and pay heed to the night journey of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W). Many of the get together are arranged in the houses and different types of prayers are performed for the whole night.

shab e meraj ibadat

Many of the religious foods are cooked are distributed among the needy ones. Homes and Masjids are decorated with lights. This night only belongs to the good deeds and reciting  Quran. According to Sunnah and Hadees, there is no specifications of prayers in this night but you can perform nafal and recite quran.

shab e meraj namaz

In fact this is a precious night for the Muslims of the world to get advantage of that and do good deeds and bow before Allah Almighty to get rid of their sins and what ever they have done in their past.


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